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Slovakia's capital; Bratislava fuels the country's IT, finance, tourism, and service industries. Museums, preserved churches, revived mansions and palaces attract global visitors as well as generate income for the tourism sector.

The city of Bratislava is rapidly becoming a popular destination for weekend travelers from European countries and stag party enthusiasts. Low-budget airlines, an interesting variety of stag party packages, and great indoor and outdoor activities have made it a fabulous tourist spot.

Infrastructure investment in the city has very significant potential. There are plenty of construction developments and modern architectural plans glamorizing the city's skyline. On the other hand, nature blesses Bratislava and its countryside with a plethora of forests, rivers, and lakes. Slovaks enjoy the contrast between nature's beauty and the materialistic offerings made by state-of-the-art malls, theaters, terminals, and entertainment facilities.

Bratislava is also known by its German name Pressburg, implying it is a product of many cultures and people. Today’s Slovak population shares a strong genetic bond with the Austrians, Czechs, Germans, Hungarians, and Jews. In 1536, Bratislava became the capital of the Hungarian empire. Over the centuries, the city has witnessed the crowning of many Hungarian kings and queens at St. Martin's Cathedral. Numerous historical icons from Hungary, Germany, and Slovakia have resided in Bratislava.

Area367.584 km²
urban853.15 km²
Population1,200 km²
Time ZoneCET (UTC + 1)
summer (DST)CEST (UTC+2)
CurrencyEuro (as of 2009)
LanguageGerman, Hungarian, Slovak