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Slovakia became a European member state in 2004 and has been known to sustain the highest GDP growth in the European Union. The country's capital, Bratislava, is the largest financial centre in Slovakia. Contributing to about 26% GDP of Slovakia, the city of Bratislava has the wealthiest economy of all Slovak cities.

International companies and big industries locate in Bratislava to conduct businesses. The city profits from banking, IT, trade, tourism, and service sectors. Major foreign investors put up headquarters in Bratislava, and others develop outsourcing branches and service centres. The city's real estate industry boom is resulting in significant construction growth. Developers are attracted to areas near the city landmarks, the Danube riverfront, the Old Town, Petrzalka, and Ruzinov.

The high concentration of educated people is an advantage in Bratislava. Marketers, scholars, and historians empower the city as undoubtedly the most important region of Slovakia.