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Bratislava is geographically situated in Slovakia's south-western part, bordering Austria and Hungary. The city is well within the center of Europe, with bodies of the river flowing across. The Danube River and Morava River run a path through the city. The Carpathian mountain range and some rolling hills create a holistic view of the city. Bratislava is the 2nd largest city in Slovakia. Its location is close to other city capitals with only 65 km from Vienna, 196 km from Budapest, and 324 km from Prague.

City Grounds

Bratislava's central is a labyrinth of rococo palaces, baroque churches, historical castles, and lavish park gardens, combined with skyscrapers, sophisticated buildings, bridges, and landscaped lawns. This colorful city blends a mixture of modern urban structures, picturesque cultural landmarks, and an abundant natural setting, complete with the River Danube and the hills of national parks.


Bratislava experiences four seasons at a general temperate level. Summer comes around July, while winter ranges from November to May when snowfall could grace the land. January is the coldest month. Autumn and spring can be felt within the transition from summer to winter and vice-versa. There are more rainfall and a long wet season in the highlands. The lowlands generally have milder weather. Some portions of the city take a beating when the Danube River or Morava River overflow and cause floods, but protection is being provided on both banks to prevent overflow.