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Bratislava has become a popular tourist destination over the last few years. Apart from many tourist attractions, Bratislava also celebrates food festivals, music festivals and cultural festivals. Head to Bratislava to be a part of these festivals that showcase its colourful and warm culture.

Bratislava Ball

An important festival for upcoming artists, entrepreneurs, and socialites, the Bratislava Ball also introduces young ladies and gentlemen to society. An invite to the Ball is considered a prestigious honour. The affair is focused on the celebration of Bratislava's culture, history, and arts. Classical music, ballet, waltz, and other traditional dances are showcased alongside popular, modern musical bands. One of the highlights of the event is the awarding of the Bratislava Cucoriedka (Bilberry) Awards. It is given to exciting and inspiring people who live a good example of Bratislava life.

Easter Market

The Easter Market is a great venue to scout out some of the unique Slovak souvenirs. Coloured eggs, whips, ceramics, wooden decors, handicrafts, potteries, candies, baskets and other local products are sold.

Bratislava City Marathon

The City Marathon is a running race with special categories like children's run, short running course, and in-line skating races. This fun-filled event comes with concerts, shows, fireworks and an after-party festivity of mingling.

Wine Festival

Wine cellars all over Bratislava and the rest of Slovakia, with many locals and even tourists, participate in the opening season of the Small Carpathian Wine Route. Wine has always been an important, if not intoxicating, the product of Slovakia. It is celebrated in every meal, and many enthusiasts and tourists highly patronise the wine tasting event.


Inspired by Munich's Oktoberfest, the Junifest National Beer Festival is a towns-gathering complete with concerts, beer contests, arts & crafts, some goulash partying, or even singing competitions, as well as the Miss Junifest pageant. Guests get to try draught beer and many other beer selections from various breweries.

Siege of Bratislava

The Slovak Association of Military History and Historical Weapon Shooters organise an event re-enacting the battle in which Napoleon suffered his first defeat.

Festival of Historical Fencing

Step into medieval time and witness as actors bring out the foils and stage a fencing battle. While in castle premises, watch out for witches, executioners, period musicians and realistic characters in costumes. This cultural festival will surely transport visitors back to the old days.

Coronation Celebration

A commemoration of the crowning of the Hungarian Kings will be held, as authentic as can be, complete with the royal coronation process, the Dubbing of the Knight of the Golden Spur, Drums and Bugles, the Old Town Execution and majestic fireworks. Alongside these events, there will also be ox roasting, historic crafts for sale, historical dances and music, photo opportunities with the giant royal puppets, and knights' costumes galore.

Bratislava Christmas Market

The famous Bratislava Christmas Market kicks off in late November. Wooden stalls are put up, along with holiday decors. Ornaments, gifts, festive food and drinks are sold, while the choir, live music, concert, and even theatrical play productions add rhythm to the lively atmosphere. The Christmas feeling is undeniable to visitors and vendors alike. No wonder the market attracts thousands of people each day. Visitors find themselves munching on local delicacies like hot pancakes and mulled wine.