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Bratislava is the largest city in Slovakia. This city has become one of the most famous tourist travel spots, which offers beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate all year, excellent shopping malls. It welcomes tourists with an open heart and hospitality. Bratislava is full of hotels and lodges that offer the best accommodation facilities. The city is the perfect place to explore museums, castles, parks, restaurants, festivals, and a wide range of shopping choices.


Bratislava is a very safe city as the crime rate is very low. Very few violent crimes are reported yearly, tourists feel very safe in the city. The police presence can be seen at all prominent tourist places, and for safety, cameras are fitted in the Old town. Police can speak in English to solve any queries from tourists.

Still, following a few practical tips is necessary to be secure from petty thieves or bag snatchers. Few organised gangs may try to play common tricks of distracting tourists' attention, usually preying on wallets or expensive mobile phones.

Public transportation is relatively safe, but precautions should be taken while travelling alone late at night. Car theft is a common threat in this city, so use guarded parking or hotel parking for safety.


Smoking is prohibited at the airport, bus stations, and on all public transportation. However, smoking is widely spread among the Slovaks, and therefore there are very few non-smoking restaurants or cafes in the city. Cigarettes are readily available at gas stations, supermarkets, newspaper stands, and kiosks. Even a few restaurants, cafes, and pubs sell a wide range of brands of cigarettes. Now there is a new law that forbids smoking at bus stops, platforms, or train stations. Police have become a lot stricter and may fine smokers.


A traditional way of tipping is to round up the bill, and many Slovaks usually follow the same style to appreciate the excellent service given by restaurants or hotels. It is not customary to tip, but around 10 – 15 % tipping can be expected, especially tourists. After every round of drinks, extra tipping is expected in many bars, and of course, good tips will help get more attention from the waiters. If the bill is paid by credit card, then tipping can be done by giving some cash. For taxi drivers, tipping is not compulsory, but the fare is usually rounded up.

City Transport

Today, Bratislava has become the transportation hub of the airway, road, railway, and waterway. Due to the increasing number of vehicles in the city, pressure has bombarded the inner network of roadways.

Major international motorway junctions like D1 and A6 are built that connect Bratislava city with other major cities of Slovakia. Six lines are available for railways that connect with other major cities and many suburban stations within the city boundaries. The country's main international airport is located in the city that serves many international and domestic flights.

There are three main types of public transportation available; tram lines, trolleybus lines, and bus lines. A Bratislava City travel card can be purchased from the city's tourist office that allows free travel on public transportation.

When to Travel

Bratislava has a typical pattern of seasons; the summer is warm and sometimes experiences high temperatures, average rainfall, cold winters, and a pleasant climate in spring.

Usually, tourists visit this city in September and October when it celebrates its significant events and festivals. Famous music festival series' are held in these months where all types of music from classic to jazz can be enjoyed, and music performers from different cities of the US come to perform live. Even wine festivals are held to toast new wines and taste different types of wines in one place.

The winter is freezing here, and sometimes even snowfall is expected. So it is necessary to carry warm clothes during the winter season, especially at night. Street parties on Christmas eve and New Year are celebrated with great vigour and splendour.

Calling Code+421
City Code02
Emergency Number (Fire, Police, Ambulance)112
City Police159

Important Phrases

Good morningDobré ráno
Good eveningDobrý večer
Good nightDobrú noc
Excuse mePardon
I am sorryJe mi ľúto
Thank youĎakujeme vám
You’re WelcomeVitajte
What is your name?Ako sa voláš?
My name is...Moje meno je...
Can you help me?Môžete mi pomôcť?
Can you speak more slowly?Môžete hovoriť pomalšie?
Do you speak English?Hovoríte po anglicky?
Does anyone here speak English?Má tu niekto hovorí anglicky?
How are you?Ako sa máš?
How much?Koľko?
I'm fineSom v poriadku.
I don't understandNechcem understand
I am very glad to meet youSom veľmi rád, že vás spoznávam
Pleased to meet youRád vás spoznávam